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    With more than 1000 projects carried out in Canada, we have a very solid reputation in the market.

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    Manufacturing high-performance and reliable commercial solar lighting products for our Canadian weather conditions.

Solar Lighting Solutions

Since 2010, Solar Vision inc. manufactures commercial grade solar lights for the public, commercial and industrial sectors. Our LED solar lights are designed for our Canadian weather and they are used in many public parks, cycling paths, parking lots and remote areas across Canada.

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Solar Lighting Realizations

With over 1000 completed projects in Canada, Solar Vision has quickly established a solid reputation in the market. Our products are revolutionizing the solar lighting industry.

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In most cases, customers have used our solar lights to eliminate the cost of running wire from the nearest electrical power line and eliminate the damage caused by digging trenches for underground wiring.

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Transforming & Improving Outdoor Solar Lighting

We’re always interested in new solar lighting projects, big or small. Download our brochure.

What solar lighting can do for you

Open spaces are essential to communities and well-lit parks and pathways helps these public areas feel safer and more inviting. Solar light is the easiest solution to light up outdoor spaces whether for residents to take an early-morning jog, walk home, or visit the playground after dinner.

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Offering  your parking lot users a greater sense of safety after dusk with sufficient lighting is essential to increase operating hours and boost your curb appeal. With solar lighting, it’s easy to add light where none existed before without expensive trenching or disrupting your existing landscape.

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Our solar lights are also being used to provide security lighting that isn’t tied to the grid when grid outages aren’t an option or in remote locations far from existing power lines. These circumstances make a great business case for solar lighting.

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In most protected land areas, it is not possible to dig trenches to run power lines. In most cases, solar lighting is a great alternative.

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Key Advantages at Solar Vision Inc.


Over 1000 commercial projects are using our solar lighting products in Canada.


We always reply to client queries within 24 hours.


We use advanced solar technology in all of our lighting products.

About Us

Since 2010, Solar Vision has been at the forefront of innovation and technology, revolutionizing the industry by designing and manufacturing high-performance and reliable commercial solar lighting products operational in a wide range of climatic conditions. With more than 1000 projects carried out in Canada, Solar Vision has acquired a solid reputation in the market.

We work with our partners to streamline solar projects that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to customer satisfaction and success.


Here’s what some of our clients have said
Satisfied customers Testimonials and Comments

Working with Solar Vision for the last 5 years has been an absolute pleasure. It has given everyone immense satisfaction to easily and quickly add lighting anywhere on our warehouse premises by using their solar powered lighting systems.

Public Works Director
Satisfied customers Testimonials and Comments

The team at Solar Vision dealt with all of our project’s challenges in a competent, professional and safe manner and delivered the solar lights on time and on budget – an outstanding job all round and highly recommended by us.

Development Director
Satisfied customers Testimonials and Comments

In our industry a quick response time plus an attention to detail are of the utmost importance. Through the professionalism and expertise of their staff Solar Vision have consistently provided excellent services and products.

General Plant Manager
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