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LX95 LED Solar Light



Powered by a 95W solar panel, 74Ah battery and Philips LEDs, the LX95 Series is truly the easiest way to add solar lighting in parking lots and large areas. 

These solar lights combine the latest in LED lighting technology from Philips Lumileds, infrared motion sensor, solar module, battery and controller into a single compact and stylish housing.

There is no wiring or electrical connections. Installation is fast, easy and secure.


  • Solar powered outdoor lighting;
  • All-in-one design;
  • Dimming options for longer operation;
  • Automatic activation at sunset and/or before sunrise;
  • Integrated 360° PIR presence detector;
  • No power cables or wiring needed;
  • 4 days autonomy without sunlight;
  • 50 000 hours Philips maintenance free LED operation;
  • Flexible programming according to your needs;
  • Wireless communication;
  • Easy battery replacement access door;
  • Powder coated aluminium housing;
  • Quick, easy and safe installation.
LX95 All integrated complete package solar light
LX95 All integrated complete package solar light
Solar light made in Canada

Key Advantages of our Solar Lighting Systems

No Trenching

Without costly trenching, wiring and electrical connections, you can now easily add solar lighting to cycling paths, public parks, parking lots, pathways and remote areas.

All-in-One design

Everything has been pre-designed and integrated into a single housing. No need to do component sizing calculations and find ways to install these separate components.


We can configure your LX solar light to meet your specific project location and according to your particular lighting requirements.

Fast installation

The LX Series can be installed in minutes. These solar lights do not require any training or special skills.


Pathways and parks

Open spaces are essential to communities and well-lit parks and pathways helps these public areas feel safer and more inviting. Solar light is the easiest solution to light up outdoor spaces whether for residents to take an early-morning jog, walk home, or visit the playground after dinner.

Parking lots

Offering  your parking lot users a greater sense of safety after dusk with sufficient lighting is essential to increase operating hours and boost your curb appeal. With solar lighting, it's easy to add light where none existed before without expensive trenching or disrupting your existing landscape.

Perimeter and Security

Our solar lights are also being used to provide security lighting that isn't tied to the grid when grid outages aren't an option or in remote locations far from existing power lines. These circumstances make a great business case for solar lighting.

Protected Land Areas

In most protected land areas, it is not possible to dig trenches to run power lines. In most cases, solar lighting is a great alternative.

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