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ZX60 Commercial Solar Lighting System

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The ZX60 solar lighting system is the most advanced on the market. Ideal for community mailboxes lighting, parking lots, public parks, pathways and green spaces. 

Integrating a 66W solar module, a 40Ah battery, and a smart controller all paired with the latest Philips LED lighting technology in a simple and compact design. Installation is therefore easy, quick and secure.


  • Solar powered outdoor lighting;
  • Pre-assembled design for fast installation;
  • Automatic activation at sunset and/or before sunrise;
  • No power cables needed;
  • 10 days autonomy without sunlight;
  • >100 000 hours Philips maintenance free LED operation (L70);
  • Flexible programming according to your needs;
  • Wireless communication;
  • Access door for easy battery replacement;
  • Powder coated aluminum housing;
  • Quick, easy and safe installation;
  • Operating profiles for our street/pathway solar lights.
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ZX60 Solar Lighting System in Canada
Solar Lighting System Certifications
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Key Advantages of our ZX60 Solar Lighting System


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