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ELIO Decorative Urban Solar Light

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ELIO effectively illuminates your outdoor living spaces with a 360-degree DARK SKY APPROVED light beam. This decorative urban solar light adds a touch of lighting to your pedestrian and living spaces while maintaining an elegant style in an IK10 vandal-proof enclosure.

Regardless of its simplified aesthetic design, this decorative light has the latest lithium battery technology for cold weather operation (down to -30C), a smart controller and an impressive 42 watts solar module. This solar luminaire also has a motion sensor to increase the light intensity upon approaching pedestrians.

ELIO is highly programmable by remote control; the level of lighting, operating times, as well as the light color temperature can be adjusted to suit the lighting requirements of a given site or the mood you want to create in your living environment.


  • DARK SKY APPROVED solar light.
  • All-in-one design;
  • Dimming for longer operation;
  • Automatic activation at sunset and/or before sunrise;
  • No power cables or wiring needed;
  • 3 to 7 days autonomy according to selected working mode;
  • 100 000 hours Philips maintenance free LED operation;
  • Powder coated aluminum housing;
  • Quick, easy and safe installation.
ELIO Decorative Urban Solar Light
ELIO Decorative Urban Solar Light
ELIO Urban Decorative Solar Light

Key Advantages of the ELIO decorative urban solar light

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